Thursday, May 18, 2017


Dr. Donella Pitzl
At Texas Christian University, Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas in April, Dr. Donella Pitzl, Executive Director of Global Operations for iChange Nations™ as well as a World Civility Ambassador and a Golden Rule World Peace Ambassador, addressed a crowd of newly appointed Golden Rule International World Peace Ambassadors. She brought to the audience the framework of iChange Nations™ as well as the commissioning of the newly appointed World Peace Ambassadors. She said, “ICN is very happy to continue to appoint people helping mankind with the Golden Rule International Award for their service to and love for humanity of all cultures, races and religions around the world. Exemplifying with their lives, ‘Treating others the way they want to be treated.’”

Dr. Donella tells us for this article, “iChange Nations™ is dedicated to three key things. One, bringing back the lost art of honor.  ICN is the largest global, “Building Cultures of Honor” organization in the world. iChange Nations™ believes that there are amazing contributions in everyone born on this earth. When those contributions are able to come forth in individuals and those individuals honored for their addition to humanity and our world, the world becomes a better place. We at ICN believe that every life is valuable and created with a specific purpose. It is not good to overlook greatness in others. If we do, we starve as humankind on the earth, we create a gift famine. Gifts that would be solving our problems and enhancing our world.

She continues to say, “Secondly, ICN builds Statesman. According to our experience in building Statesmen these are quality people that are not swayed by popular voice, as a politician is, but rather one that has a deep seated belief and understanding on how to help the world. One that is dedicated to their purpose and selflessness in working to bring the world to a better place. We have trained many Statesman that have global initiatives that are reforming how the world looks at honor and people treatment. They are changing the world around them.

As Dr. Pitzl expounded, “Moving on to one of the greatest focuses of iChange Nations™, Golden Rule Civility and Golden Rule Dialogue. Our world is in dire need of civil people treatment. All we have to do is look around. There have been several civility training mechanisms set in motion around the world. At ICN we are experiencing civility laced and lead with the Universal Principle of Golden Rule People Treatment, ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated.’ is the true change agent. You see, without this element, of Golden Rule Universal People Treatment, our societies will continue to hate and degrade each other. We fail to recognize that there are ramifications to not applying Golden Rule People Treatment. History tells us the story… How has people mistreatment affected the ending of so many lives? Those that suffer from the hand of it and those that continue to dole it out? 

We must ask ourselves the Golden Question, ‘If I were receiving this same treatment, would I be okay with it?’ There is no escaping the backdoor of people mistreatment. It will eventually come back upon the one mistreating and generations continue to suffer. At ICN we have seen all over the world that humanity responds to kindness and honor. Acts of kindness and honor have a life and fruit of their own. In saying that we continue to dedicate ourselves to this great global movement of the Golden Rule Universal Principle of People Treatment.”

iChange Nations™ Founder and President, as well as the Golden Rule Dialogue Expert, Dr. Clyde Rivers along with Dr. Donella Pitzl and their team have a mandate to bring Golden Rule Honor, Train Statesman to help humanity and create avenues for Golden Rule Civility and Dialogue around the world. They continue to bring their message to governments, law enforcement, communities, tribes and nations. They work tirelessly and selflessly to make others great around them, a Golden Rule example for the whole world.